Hi there! I am Somerby Jones. I grew up in rural Massachusetts giving me a love for all things New England and an appreciation for the changing of the seasons. It is from this appreciation of beauty in nature that I draw inspiration for my photographs. 

I started photography as a teenager exploring the wonders of film and the darkroom, with 35mm black and white film. I continued to love shooting with film and developing my own photographs throughout my teen years and into college. I attended college, traveled, and after following a traditional post college path of 9-5, I decided instead I wanted a creative career and to really pursue my love of photography. I attended an intensive 2 year photography program, graduated, and hit the ground running shooting and making beautiful photographs. 

Beyond weddings I love to photograph food, interiors and lifestyle. You can see more of my commercial work at...www.somerbyjonesphoto.com.